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Wealth Management

The Investrium Wealth Management is a success rate-oriented licensed portfolio manager.

Transparent account management

We are fully transparent. You will receive your personalized account by J. P. Morgan, which you can log into to check your balance, and which stocks/bonds make up your portfolio in the Client Portal.

Liquid financial availability

Liquidity has priority. You can decide to withdraw your money or add to your savings or investments at any time.

Diversified investment strategy

Our portfolio is broadly diversified. We keep your money in various US and European blue chip stocks, stable companies, dividend paying stocks and bonds.

Performance-based fee structure

We work for performance-based fees. Our share of the profits is achieved through our innovative High-Water-Mark accounting system in quarterly periods when it shows the growth of your capital!


Reliable prognostications

Attila Polyánszky has more than 15 years of consulting experience in this field, and we strive to achieve the following: to introduce beginners to the world of stock trading simply and understandably.

Almost every second person abroad owns shares or portfolios of carefully selected shares. Let’s do it ourselves.

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