Time-independent Chart Form

based on the renko basic strategy

The Renko robot family is a very aggressiv trendfolloving system. You can find my eBook about the Basic strategy, by Apple, Amazon and Google store.

The All-in logic

A new trade opens on every ready brick. The first Take profit makes from 10 brick= 55 brick win. After this it's take the profit from every new brick.

Risk remains the same

Unlike other position-building strategies, the risk remains here until the end of the trades the same. (2 bricks)

hybrid trading

The decisive factor for every robot is when it's NOT used by the traders. On the chart is an ON/OFF button. We decide from the traditional chart analysis which direction will be used.

Registration and payment

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Frequently asked questions

The principle is the same, but according to the instruments, internal fine-tunings have been performed. Of course the Money Management modul is different too.

You can use it every your accounts.

Of course yes. But since 30 years I didn’t se ONE robot, which would be continuosly profitable in medium- and long term. The solution is the Hybrid trading. Let the robot run only one direction and turn on or off, accordingly the market situation.

Yes. The Renko bricks will be drawed and applied to the normal candle chart. However please see the point above.

I accidentally came across a book about Japanese chart forms. I’ve always admired the Japanese’ desire for perfection, their clear mindset. You can see that on the chart. All he cares about is the price movement, it doesn’t care the time.

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