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Event Manager Trade the news!

With the high-priority economic news, suddenly growing the volatility. It would be a pity not to use this.

1st step

Drag and Drop the event to the chart from the MT5 calendar

2nd step

5 seconds before the news, the Expert Advisor put 2 Pending orders, a Buystop and a Sellstop

3rd step

If one of them will activated, take care about the trade. (Trade management)

Look this:

Wow, never seen before:

Event Manager TSP EN

Why? How? Solution, result!

Why should we trade the news?

A lot of times, the market is trickling in for days because there’s no real volatility. If there’s any news coming out, the price will go up and you’ll make 50-100-200 pips in seconds. I’m sure you’ve looked enviously at the post-news rally – “It would have been nice to be in it!” But selling economic news has more difficulty. Making economic news trades can be a difficult endeavor, yet the rewards can be substantial. With the Event Manager Robot Trader, you no longer have to worry about missing a news rally. This revolutionary trading system takes the guesswork out of trading economic news and puts you in control. You’ll have the opportunity to capitalize on the news quickly, resulting in more successful trades and more profits. With Event Manager Robot Trader, you can revolutionize your economic news trading and make more money today.

Problem 1 - Direction

We don’t know where the price will break out


The EA puts in 2 Pending orders right before the news. A Buystoplevel and a Sellstoplevel.

Event Manager Robot Trader is a revolutionary tool for traders who want to keep up with current economic news. By using this tool, traders can know in real-time when a market is likely to break out or experience a drastic move. The tool is designed to monitor hundreds of news sources and alert traders when there is an important news event that could affect the markets. This tool also provides technical analysis, which can help traders to make better predictions about the direction of the market. With Event Manager Robot Trader, traders can revolutionize their trading strategies and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Problem 2 - Server overload

If the rally starts it is often impossible to open a position or manage the running currency (e.g. close it), because of the sudden high volatility, the broker’s server responds only with a large delay.

This automated trading bot was designed to minimize the risk associated with news trading and maximize profitability. It is programmed to open positions in advance of a major news event, monitor the market during the event, and close the position in a timely manner. By eliminating the need to manually manage a position during a rally, traders can take advantage of the volatile market conditions. With its automated risk management features, the Event Manager Robot Trader helps traders stay on top of their trading strategies and maximize profits.


Our EA communicate with the server in millisecond tact. Sooner or later it will reach and get the answer

Problem 3 - How big the movement will be?

We don’t know how big the pulse will be


We can place a fix TP level, but simultaneously starts our special dynamic trailing stop.

Problem 4 - Gap

What happens if the movement starts with a gap and skips our orders?


A trading zone can be defined in the robot. Within this zone an order will be opened, but if the gap is too big we will skip from trading.


Everywhere the market starts, you can be in it and close it with profit. Event Manager is the perfect tool. It enables users to take advantage of movements in the market through news-driven events, giving them a unique edge over competitors. With its easy to use interface, users can quickly set up, manage and execute their trades with confidence. Event Manager gives users the power to stay ahead of the market, no matter the time or place. With its intuitive design and comprehensive features, it offers the perfect solution for news traders who want to be in control.


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How to...

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