Dedicated traders

The Forex or Stock trading isn’t only our profession, this is our life.

We’ve been doing this since the beginning. We’ve lived both sides of Forex trading. We was a brokerage firm manager, a bank consultant and I’m still a retired today, although the focus has shifted to education. I’m trying to make sure everyone finds their own way, their own strategy.

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Geza Varkuti

33 years experience

My name is Géza Várkuti, the owner this website, a business entrepreneur, financial analyst, stock market trader, mentor and author. I was born and raised in Hungary but also lived in Germany and Austria.My first book is entitled Forex-trading (From Subsistence to Independence) was the 1st Forex book published in Hungarian language. Many still consider it the “Bible” of beginners.

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Géza Renko
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Attila Polyanszky

13 years experience

Started as a stock broker in Budapest, than moved to Moscow and of course landed in London. NYSE, Nasdaq and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange where he built up experience. Real traveller, a cosmopolite person visited 42 countries around the world, and speaks 5 languages fluently and 2 medium level. Married, spouse is a Korean beauty from Busan and they have a beautiful son as well.

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